Cartões de Aforismos

Poemas diários em Sri Chinmoy Poetry

if-you-do-not-find-peace-inside-heart-menaka peace-universal-peace-menaka no-darkness-can-forever-remain-unmesh each-good-thought-is-an-open-door every-day-only-one-thing-honestly-happy if-you-want-real-freedom-dive-within-menaka hearts-secret-depth-inner-cry-disharmony-menaka who-is-the-real-loser-he-who-enjoys-superiority-game mind-negativity-rainbow-beauty try-not-to-change-world non-stop-journey-mind-desert-menaka instead-of-creating-a-reason-why-you-cannot-love waves-hatred-night-oneness-love-sharani not-the-power-to-conquer-others-sharani


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